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Love It!

  • Uday Singh
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  • 2022/07/01 (Fri) 02:17:08
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  • stefhan8001
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  • 2022/04/06 (Wed) 19:08:30
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  • david miller
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  • 2022/02/09 (Wed) 23:44:39
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  • Anon9000
  • 2022/01/09 (Sun) 21:10:10
Dicksucker Canned fish currently on his way to take his own life. We from the GOFUCKYOURSLEF FORUM Wish him all the best. We also wish him best luck during his English exams as he is a dumb kafir who can't even spell site. Please Do the world a favour cunt

No Title

  • lol
  • 2022/01/05 (Wed) 18:50:58
Merry Christmas!

Anon9000 – EXPOSED!

  • CannedFish
  • 2022/01/04 (Tue) 14:59:43
Porn uploader, Scat fetishist, Right Wing Extremist, Creepypasta Connesure and MacEwan droppout.
CannedFish reporting for TMZ news – forum division. We have a shocking report on the infamous user known as Anon9000’s historical world wide web activity.

Firstly and most surprisingly to us all disease conscious here is the scat fetishism. https://www.heavy-r.com/video/207479/Searching_Girls_Ass_For_Poop/ clearly has a comment written by anon9000 asking “Any idea where to find the entire video ?” just 1,313 days ago, which should be May 30th, 2018. One can only imagine just how much scat pornography he must have watched to get to the point of making this particular comment.

Anon9000 enjoys uploading pornography on SpankBang as evidenced by his account https://la.spankbang.com/profile/anon9000
While innocciouous, we at TMZ:FD noticed that a number of the videos are leaked OnlyFans videos. Curently this is a legal gray zone, but might land him in financial trouble in the future.
Aside from the copyrighted material uploaded somewhere else, Anon9000 seems to have taken a liking to the BBC genera of pornography, including cuckholding. This is very interesting when considering some of his political stances on The European Union Times. Could he be holding a double life where outwardly he appears to hate Blacks and other minority class groups while secretly reveling in the idea of being powerless while watching his wife coupled with those very hated groups? You the reader should decide.
The aforementioned articles https://www.eutimes.net/2019/11/4-africans-charged-with-brutal-gang-rape-of-13-year-old-swedish-girl/

In this comment section to a perfectly incoherent creepypasta has Anon9000 yelling at a creative individual for thinking laterally for everyone to see. https://web.archive.org/web/20110213124913/https://www.creepypasta.com/nonexistance/

Additionally Anon9000 seemingly got himself into higher education just 3 years ago at MacEwan https://stackoverflow.com/users/10501787/anon9000
However based upon the questions he was asking – which he should have been asking his TA or peers – he most likely dropped out or is about to graduate with a business degree next year.

It’s quite the shock to the dome to see and you heard it here on TMZ:FD!

Re: Anon9000 – EXPOSED!

  • The Chadministrator
  • 2022/01/05 (Wed) 15:35:22
LOL you ching chong motherfucker you gonna go to china and become Musou man or some shit lol Virgin nerd go touch grass

Re: Anon9000 – EXPOSED!

  • The Chadministrator
  • 2022/01/05 (Wed) 15:26:53
lol faggot canned fish is something you see on reddit bitching about how his white mom fucked his ass or something
anon9000 is unoriginal ! Wow you figured it out sherlock kill yourself faggot

lol i bet i can find even worse shit on you with you redditor handle going by your logic stupid mayo

>mental breakdown
sure like you ain't packing cuz. You typed a huge fucking essay about some wierdo on the internet. Kill yourself child. Go get daddy's gun and kill yourself like seriously. GO

lol pass your english exams first nerd. neocities always removes sites for no reason. they probably have staff like who can't spell the word site LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL Kill yourself

>a retard is you
lol nice roast after your dumb spelling really makes you look smart faggot

Re: Anon9000 – EXPOSED!

  • CannedFish
  • 2022/01/05 (Wed) 14:51:15
"what an original name nerd hang yourself"
Are you purporting to be some sort of originality arbiter or something? you've barely room to talk: splicing "Anonymous" and "It's over 9000" into one name is oh so original ...

"lol scat, bbc and fucking only fans ? dude don't reveal your search history and your own profiles lol."
your brain seems to have shrunken after seeing your secrets exposed. Please reread the start of the report, multiple times if you have to in order to understand the process here. Each one of those profiles and dirt was dug up by putting "anon9000", with quotes, into the closest search engine.

Trying to save face by saying this is "projection"? how crude and predictable. Your mental breakdown is quite apparent when you're mashing two keys on the keyboard, I wonder if you held down the shift key the whole time -- that would probably explain the errant 'P' that appeared in your lol outburst.

"The Chadministrator (thechadministrator9000.neocities.org)"
see the attached image; shouldn't you have known your own sight was dead? a retard is you.

Re: Anon9000 – EXPOSED!

  • The Chadministrator
  • 2022/01/05 (Wed) 13:20:01
Btw faggot, Im not Anon9000 anymore Im The Chadministrator (thechadministrator9000.neocities.org). Don't even fuck with me kiddo

Re: Anon9000 – EXPOSED!

  • Anon9000
  • 2022/01/05 (Wed) 10:46:57
lmao canned fish ? what an original name nerd hang yourself

lol scat, bbc and fucking only fans ? dude don't reveal your search history and your own profiles lol.



  • Anon9000
  • 2021/12/19 (Sun) 13:39:17
lol why are you creating vlogs as if anyone gives a shit about your mexican ass you goddamn faggot ?

you actually go to church dickwad ? you suck off the pastors too ?

motherfucker stop being such a fucking weeb and make sometihng of your life instead of living in 3rd world countries wathcing anime fucking.

hope your family gets raped to death

No Title

  • UsbSick
  • 2021/11/25 (Thu) 12:26:07
Come on irc.kolyma.org #kolyma and irc.rizon.net #lolwut

Re: No Title

  • Anon9000
  • 2021/12/04 (Sat) 17:18:57
im sure anyone can step into the rule. Instead of takling over Old Youtube , creating flame wars on old school site like bitview, vidlii even if it's just among a small community could be the start of a proper internet.

Good thing is The systems will get better. So Even a piece of shit site like this will run way way better on future systems. if this mexican faggot dosen't spend all his income on body pillows , this site will still be up then.

Re: No Title

  • Anon9000
  • 2021/12/04 (Sat) 16:56:45
Im still finding it hard to believe that from flame comment sections , some jackass decided to shift towards organized forum based discussions. Forums having an offtopic are just the stupidiest things ever.
why would anyone find forums entertaining when you have wierdos on the internet argueing about useless topics on comment sections? who thought forums were more entertaining lol. I wonder if people who've lived through the change are still active on old school sites like this one.

incase this weeb's site goes down or yours does , im making sure i've got screenshots of the whole thing. It's very entertaining to read through them.

As much of a pillow fucker this otaking is , i do give him pops for not creating a instagram style guestbook like Koshka did.

Re: No Title

  • lolwut
  • Site
  • 2021/12/04 (Sat) 04:43:57
>A random asshole leaving random comments without any accounts. That's what i like

In all honesty, Anon9000, individuals like this were an important part of old Internet culture; if they ever were to disappear, we would lose an essential element of the true Internet experience. By your comments, both here and on my comments page, you are fulfilling an important role.

Re: No Title

  • Anon9000
  • 2021/11/29 (Mon) 00:39:26
Maybe im just someone who detests accounts, apps or even any client to shit talk people. a comment section is way superior to anything. A random asshole leaving random comments without any accounts. That's what i like

Re: No Title

  • Anon9000
  • 2021/11/29 (Mon) 00:35:27
Anon9000 joins no pussy ass communities. I reside on guestbooks. Why do you think i haven't joined this faggot's SOS brigade discord ?

be it IRC or discord or pretty much any community , it ruins the internet imo. Ofc i'll be on guestbooks until this faggot responds. I'll even report his youtube as a joke if i want to.

LOL maybe i might join in a future time. Probably not

Re: No Title

  • lolwut
  • Site
  • 2021/11/27 (Sat) 11:30:37
Anon9000, there are a fair number of people in both my IRC channel and the KolymaIRC channel. I would enjoy your presence in my channel, you know.

Re: No Title

  • Anon9000
  • 2021/11/27 (Sat) 11:13:13
you really think you're gonna get people in your faggot irc chat ? Your faggot friend named his fucking discord SOS brigade like a harushit fan. i bet you faggots just watch each other jerking off to each other fucking losers

Re: No Title

  • lolwut
  • Site
  • 2021/11/27 (Sat) 10:33:43


  • Anon9000
  • 2021/12/02 (Thu) 22:16:01

lol you should check this white pig's profile. He's as ugly as his mother was.


  • Anon9000
  • 2021/11/26 (Fri) 10:50:48
motherfucker just know that i could report your youtube channels for transphobia or whatever nonsense wand get your fucking BANNED FOR LIFE.
i can imagine you crying down while your shit jewtube channel with faggots like Thorin and jorbin screaming GAYYYYYYYYYYY AYYYYYYY like an autistic virgin faggot. kill yourself LOL


  • Anon9000
  • 2021/11/26 (Fri) 10:52:35
don't make me go over 9000 else i blast your ass to the andrmoeda galaxy