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  • konata_is_cute69
  • 2021/05/09 (Sun) 23:03:38
Cool site!

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  • lol?
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  • 2021/04/18 (Sun) 01:23:25
evas arent mechas you retard

Re: No Title

  • Otaking
  • 2021/04/18 (Sun) 20:02:28
Biomechs then lol. They can be piloted, they are kind of giant.

manifesto lol?

  • kino
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  • 2021/04/14 (Wed) 06:08:53
when are you releasing your manifesto or should I take your abandondend diary as one

Re: manifesto lol?

  • Otaking
  • 2021/04/14 (Wed) 20:37:03
A sort of manifesto I wrote a few years ago:

I don't write anymore because it takes too much effort but I do have a youtube channel called The Good Student.


  • Koshka
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  • 2021/01/27 (Wed) 21:32:06
I disagree with a few of your points about the Super Broly movie. I never got the impression that the original Broly was "fearful" or regarded his enemies as villains. It's true that he seems to be a traumatised and broken individual with possible split personality disorder and PTSD due to his childhood traumas, but beyond that he was basically a psychotic serial killer.

The biggest issue with Freeza wanting to be taller is that we already know that he purposefully spent most of his life in the smallest form that he had in his repertoire. Obviously now he walks around in his true form due to knowing he can be defeated, but why did he not just use his huge second form previously?

I definitely hated the animation in the movie and I'm glad to see that someone else shares that very rare opinion.

The Saiyans being retconned into being a bunch of goody-two-shoes has been a slow and steady thing since at least that Episode of Bardock thing so the Broly movie can't really be blamed for it. If it makes you feel better, the latest DBS manga chapter introduces a villain who wants revenge on the Saiyans for the genocide of its people, and there's a flashback scene that implies that Bardock specifically was responsible.

I think the huge change in Broly was done so that they could keep him around after the movie for fan-service, which I personally dislike. There are already so many popular new characters that are alive and that the show will never have time to fully explore, including another obvious Broly clone (Kale,) that it's starting to feel like Toriyama has a hoarding problem.

Re: Broly

  • Koshka
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  • 2021/01/28 (Thu) 20:59:55
I misunderstood. The "fearful" thing makes more sense now. You're right about that, and it's a shame the new Broly totally lacked that. Vegeta did try to mercilessly finish him off before he could reach full power, but beyond that it never actually felt like there was some unstoppable berserker rampaging around on Earth. No sense of urgency or hopelessness.

I don't blame you for not remembering how he was beaten. They beat him by fusing into Gogeta, an utterly generic fanservice move even for a movie already filled with fanservice. The fact that there were so many obvious ripoffs from the other movie with Gogeta (the Janemba one from DBZ) didn't help either.

Yeah Dragon Ball has started to look very plasticy due to Toei switching to digital artwork, and due to the character designers. The characters almost look like they're action figures sometimes. A lot of people have hailed the Broly movie as an improvement but personally I feel like it's somehow even worse. Still looks super clean, but now characters also look like they're turning into formless blobs.

I agree entirely about the Saiyans, even as a big fan of Dragon Ball Super. We're at the point where if you showed Raditz and Nappa to a person who's only seen modern Dragon Ball, they would think they're from a different alien species. Both the appearance and character of every modern Saiyan is utterly contradictory to how they were always portrayed.

Re: Broly

  • Otaking
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  • 2021/01/28 (Thu) 04:36:20
Okay, first let me have a look at what I cause I can't remember lol. By "fearful" I meant fear-inducing, he was like a big deal and the reason they were there on the fake new planet vegeta.
Speaking of Vegeta, he was genuinely scared and they were only able to defeat Broly together- well by giving all their strength to Goku or something and because there was a meteorite or something. I can't even remember how they defeated Broly in the new movie - but anyway it didn't seem as difficult as in the old anime.
I don't remember much spilt personality from the old one though. The psychopathic killer who looked down on others was better though than the character suddenly changing personality all the time so that he could not be blamed for the things he did when his "bad" personality was on.
Yeah Vegeta's character and the Saiyans in general have been trash for a while.
Personally I stopped caring since the Buu saga - Goku should have stayed dead after the Cell saga and the story should have ended or Gohan should have become the protagonist.
Though the Baby saga from Dragon Ball GT did expand a bit nicely on Saiyans - with a nice reveal about a character wanting to get revenge on the Saiyans. GT incidentally looked better and was better written than Super - the ending of GT, if nothing else, at least was good. Dan dan...
By regarded his enemies as villains, which I know makes no sense, I (probably) meant that Broly regarded his enemies with disdain as inferior rather than just revenge, to be honest I can't remember why I wrote that lol.
Yeah it was really a stupid gag for Freeza to want to use the Dragonballs to be tall; All I was saying there was that it was not even a new gag in Dragon Ball, and it was done better in the original Dragon Ball in the Red Ribbon saga when Dragonball was an honest gag manga.
I don't remember if I said this in that page but the side characters on Freeza's ship were essentially trash too - the Freeza force was a lot more interesting when it was a bit of mystery lol - I really didn't want to listen to exposition about why they joined the Freeza force, so lame, now they are just another gag.
I am glad you didn't like the animation too. Speaking of which I really hate how "clean" Dragon Ball has started to look - it's starting to look like a cartoon - it has become harder to take the characters and the setting seriously by just how they look. To be fair it is not only Dragon Ball since digital animation but Dragon Ball is especially noticeable.
When Goku was the only goody-two shoes but battle-addicted warrior that was special but now it is no longer the case so the Saiyans do not seem that different nor special just more bland. The saiyans feel less like a warrior race is what I am trying to say.
There must have been a better way to keep Broly alive than this!


  • Roger Bender
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  • 2020/05/07 (Thu) 10:24:03
I used to think that Otaku No Video was a comedy. But now, after stewing in a room for 2 years I learned that it's actually a tragedy.

Godspeed, my friend.

Re: Comment.

  • Otaking
  • 2021/01/23 (Sat) 12:03:23
Yeah don't know if you are just joking but yeah the live action bits are the reality for most Otaku whereas the animated bits are a fantasy which is why Gainax was so epic but not anymore.


Nice website! I really enjoy it! Thank you!

Re: Hey!

  • Otaking
  • 2021/01/23 (Sat) 08:45:41
Thank you. Your website is awesome too!


  • omo
  • 2021/01/07 (Thu) 17:25:42
i think you should stab yourself in the balls

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  • 木魚
  • 2020/08/17 (Mon) 05:26:35
imagine being this sad of a fucking individual.